Juno Valentina is a conscious brand that wants to make a difference, and we want to involve our customers to spread the message of empathy and generosity especially during the times we have been going through.

Our first priority has always been to provide our customers with the best experience from the moment they click on our website to receiving their package. And our new, long-awaited addition to this experience, is that part of the proceeds of your purchase will play a larger scheme then just pay for your products.

One of our 2021 goal has been to give back, now that our brand has taken off and thanks to our loyal customers reached many milestone, we are finally able to start making a true difference.

As the theme of Juno Valentina has always been confidence and inner-shine, we made it our mission to support and donate to survivors of domestic violence. We believe every woman deserves to unleash the goddess within her and regain her confidence even after traumatic experiences.

We are proud to be able to support a cause very close to our hearts and that will resonate with all of you, including making your purchase mean something more meaningful.